Any therapeutic, life, or career evaluation process can be deeply personal and we want to make sure both the client and therapist feel they can work well together. This therapeutic relationship is widely understood to be the most important ingredient in any successful personal development journey.

Our working relationship is fundamentally important to the Counselling, Therapeutic Coaching, and Supervision process. This relationship underpins and fosters confidence, reassurance, openness, honesty, and laughter at times. The therapeutic relationship paves the way for the client to accept themselves for who they are, know themselves better, and work constructively with their therapist to find resolution and increase their ability to self-manage.

Each session is 50 minutes, with rates depending on the service you wish to access. However, there may be beneficial occasions when a session is extended to double-time, immediately proceeding from the current session. This option can be made available with a prior arrangement and or, subject to your Therapist’s availability on that day.

All that we work on together is at your speed, your pace; it’s your time and your space to bring what is pressing in on you. I will help you unravel, understand, and constructively face, what can be at times, challenging and confusing feelings or unconstructive thoughts, actions, responses, or habits. This is a two-way conversation, we work this all out together.

If you’ve been recommended to The Trellis Practice, and like what you’ve already heard or read from past and present clients, you can dive straight in and request your first session appointment here.

Alternatively, an initialĀ free 30-minute assessment via Zoom is available to you. This is a two-way conversation. I get to understand a little of you and the reasons you are seeking support. You also get to meet me, so to help you form your own opinion as to whether you consider this is the space, place, and person you think you can work with. Either way, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

“My sessions have given me the safe space and permission to speak out what I have held in for so many years. Brilliant, though challenging at times.