Are you feeling stuck, frustrated at not being able to get to where you want, held back or burdened with past ‘stuff’ that you can’t seem to get past, no matter how hard you try? Maybe you’ve been working with a Coach. Maybe you’ve been to see a Counsellor in the past but neither has been given the opportunity to see you as a whole, the real you, the full picture of where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you’d like to get to.

This is where the dynamic and powerful process of combined and agile Therapeutic Coaching comes into its own. Whether that be in the room, online, out in nature with Walking-Talks, or if you are on a charity mission working in-country, I can be there for you too.

Therapeutic Coaching integrates key principles of developmental psychology, life coaching, Solution Focused therapy, mindfulness and Self-Organised Learning. These methodologies enable you to challenge existing skills, myths, and behaviours. They help you in the process of transforming these personal precepts so to achieve a quantum shift in your learning of self, learning of life competencies, those things that hinder personal growth, and overall increasing personal resilience.

Therapeutic Coaching is a certain kind of conversation that takes place between two people or in groups and teams. The objective is usually to see personal or team change occur, but this can be part of a process that first starts with working out what patterns, beliefs, or relationship dynamics may be holding you from reaching your full potential. These internal dynamics may be in play without you even realising and often are embedded habits, views of self, unconstructive coping mechanisms and ways of being, doing and relating that could be counter-productive.

Therapeutic Coaches deal with ‘being self’, relationships, values, core identity, and core needs. We call these the 3 S’s

  • Security
  • Self-Worth
  • Significance

These 3 things define us, complete and motivate our personality, and largely determine our reactions and life direction. Ultimately, Therapeutic Coaching is about self-empowerment through self-awareness, self-management, and increased self-efficacy. It is always a collaborative process with the Client and the Coach as equals and explicitly draws on innate strengths and resources.

Therapeutic Coaching is a very powerful process and as a Registered Counsellor, Psychotherapists and Coach, together, we can work safely at depth. Together, to tackle the underlying causes of any destructive patterns and the reasons why you may feel stuck.

Curious? Maybe read some comments from past and present clients. Or maybe you would like to either book a free 30-minute consultation, to ask questions and see if we could work together? Or you’re ready to jump straight in and book your first session. Either way, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

“I trusted Nick and the Therapeutic Coaching process – it’s changed my life, even saved it”. 

Commando, Royal Marines.